And, we’re back!


We are excited to announce that Another Independent International Film Festival is back on the slate for 2016! We will once again be bringing the art of film to Eau Claire, WI from September 8-10 at Micon Cinemas Downtown Theater.





As of today, submissions are open and we’ve made a few changes to our submission process this year, making it more convenient for everyone. Only digital submissions will be accepted through:






Fees are only $10 (USD) for the early birds who submit their films before April 5, after which fees will increase to $20 (USD) per film.
Film Categories and Guidelines:

  • Feature Films:  All Genres, Minimum 60 minutes, not to exceed 110 minutes.
  • Shorts: All Genres, Minimum 1 minute, not to exceed 60 minutes.
  • Experimental Films: All Genres, Minimum 30 seconds, not to exceed 60 minutes

We want films completed before January 2016, if you have a film that was made sometime between August 1, 1890 and January 1, 2016, and have the rights to screen it, then we want to see your film!

Films must be presented in English. Dubbing or subtitles are allowed for films not originally shot in English.
Are you a returning filmmaker from last year? Keep an eye on your email for a special announcement!

The proceeds from this event will go to Chippewa Valley Community Television, the public access media center in Eau Claire.