Don’t fill life with days, fill days with life
After her husband’s death, Käthe doesn’t want to impose on anybody. She already
ordered old people’s home brochures. But an accidential meeting with the love of her
youth Hannes arises old contending feelings. Heartache and disappointment are mixed
with desire and intimacy. Is it too late to forgive? Everyday Hannes is waiting for her on
a bench in front of Käthe’s house. One day the bench stays empty and Käthe has to
make a decision.

Director Biography
Silke Christina Engler was born in 1976 in Aachen
(Germany). From 1995 and 2000 she studied Theatre,
Film and Television Studies in Leipzig and Bochum and
graduated as M.A.. Since 1998 Silke has been working
as a script supervisor and assistant director for films for television and cinema. From
2010 to 2014 she completed a postgraduate degree in Media and Fine Art Studies at the
Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) with special emphasis on script writing and film

Country of Origin:Germany
Film Language:German
Runtime:23 minutes