“I started to live when I turned 70, after I discovered dancing.” Nazareth is a woman who after 46 years of an unhappy marriage, became a widow and rescued the joy of live performing an old dream, to dance. She forgot diseases and pains, met new friends, and today, from ballroom to ballroom, she faces the city traffic on the back of a motorcycle so she doesn?t miss a chord of the orchestra. So many new emotions came together with the discovery of vanity. “To me, jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers, was ok. Not today. Now I buy clothes, I do make-up in my eyes, I use lipstick. Do you believe that I didn?t have pierced ear?” This recovery of self esteem, is told through images of our lady in the ballroom where she dances, interviews with friends who saw her reborn, beyond archival images. We follow Nazareth at the ball “Night of Dreams” where she will debut for the first time at 73. Showing beautiful images of her preparing for this special moment. “I hope it’s a beautiful night, dance a waltz to celebrate my 15 years, since I didn´ t have one when I was that age.” Is life without fear exploding in old age.