Tilda is shy and lives surrounded by her dolls. The only contact to the outside World is
Pastor Krause. She starches and irons is ruff but would never dream of looking him in
the eye. One day during communion, when the pastor spills wine on his freshly stached
collar everything changes.

Director Biography
Influenced by theatre throughout her youth, Katja Benrath pursued that career in her
early professional life. She became a tailor at „Wuppertaler Bühnen“ (Pina Bausch).
Following, she completed her studies in Singing and Acting in Vienna, Austria. At the
same time she discovered that acting in films meant as much to her as in theatre – and
even more making films herself. Her first short films (BABY DOLL and NO ONE PUKES
IN HEAVEN) have been playing successfully and have won prizes at festivals all over the
world. During her master studies at Hamburg Media School she directed WHERE HAVE
YOU BEEN and SECRECIES. TILDA came to life during the same time.

Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:German
Runtime:14 minutes 14 seconds