The filmic-musical result from the baroqueand
sci-fi-inspired collaboration between artist Stephanie Winter, tenor August Schram
and electronic duo Austrian Apparel. Originating in the idea of an audiovisual realization
of M.A. Charpentier’s lyrical song “Tristes Déserts” and motivated by the constant
interaction of image and sound, a baroque-intergalactic musical short film was
developed, in which the boundaries between human and machine, between baroque
music and electronic sounds become blurred. In a time dominated by artificial
intelligence, the extravagant musical short film tells the story of a lonely baroque robot
in a battle between good and evil, recalling the magic of the early cinema.

Director Biography
Her main interest is focused in a conceptual and playful approach to the various forms of
public and private spheres, the outer and inner worlds, structures of authority, surveillance,
system errors, mental disorders and affects such as private and global memory. In her work
she is accompanied by the idea to visit the mind as a location, as a place of performance, to
open up and to disintegrate it, in order to put it all together again from another viewpoint.
This disintegration is what interests her about the display and the staging of an exhibition,
originating from the urge to bring the mind to life. Preferably she works on large-scale film-,
video and installation-projects but also devotes her time to painting.
Stephanie Winter is founder and artistic director of the experimental perfomance &
production platform Salon Hybrid.

Country of Origin:Austria
Country of Filming:Austria
Runtime:8 minutes 17 seconds