VALENTIN (Director: Ingrid HÃbscher)

VALENTIN (Director: Ingrid Hübscher)

Unofficial Film Rating: PG-13
Year: 2016
Language: German
Duration: 0:15:00
Project Type: Romantic Comedy
Director: Ingrid Hübscher
Country: Germany
Film Block: Comedy 2

“A drama-comedy about love, loneliness and jumping into conclusions.
VALENTIN tells the story of photographer Claudia who has lost faith in love. Claudia focuses on building up her photo studio together with her clumsy assistant Kaspar. Around Valentine’s Day there is no escape from the seasonal misery for singles: endless love songs play on the radio and comfort eating heart-shaped biscuits offers Claudia no comfort. When the handsome Valentin visits the photo studio, Claudia’s week takes an unexpected turn. Will Claudia get a chance to love and be loved again?!”