Totally different people are meeting each other in six scenes. All of them have one
thing in common: They all think that they already know everything there is to know
about each other without having ever spoken a word with one another. They judge
each other by stereotypes and the external appearance, avoid each other insted of
making a step towards the other person, which leads them to missing the chance of
solving a problem, the truth or just a little smile. In the end it is a child who gives new
hope to a world full of adults with prejudices. Based upon a poetry slam text of Anke
Fuchs this short film deals with topics that get you thinking about things you might have
never payed so much attention to.

Director Biography
Nina Mielitz is a young director, who was born and raised in
Hamm (Westf.), Germany. After she graduated from school in
2014 and after a stay abroad she will start to study film. “What
do you know about it?” is her first independent project as a

Country of Origin:Germany
Country of Filming:Germany
Film Language:German
Runtime:8 minutes 59 seconds