Wisconsin film legend joins panel discussion for AIIFF

Bill-newBill Rebane has joined the panel discussion that will kick off Another Independent International Film Festival. The panel discussion will cover: “What is your story?” an in-depth look at how story can make or break a film. Bill is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for low budget horror movies such as Nightmare (Blood Harvest) and The Giant Spider Invasion.

He is credited with the introduction of the first 360 degree (wrap around) motion picture process to the Motion Picture Industry, an innovation that spurred the Cinemax process and today’s Rota-scope cameras. Bill Rebane created the Wisconsin Film Office, and has produced 12 independent feature films, all of which have enjoyed successful international theatrical release. He is also responsible for the creation and successful operation of the first full-time feature film studio in the Midwest.